To All Subcontractors:

Re: Sub Contractors Orientation
Please be advised that our company has re-implemented and updated our Sub Contractors Orientation program.  The orientation includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Safety Policy
  • General Safety Rules
  • Company Expectations
  • Personal Protective Equipment Policy
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First Aid
  • Worker/Subcontractor Responsibilities
  • Hazardous Material and Substances
  • Legislation & Regulations


All subcontractors working for Okanagan Restoration Services Ltd. shall be aware of our Safety and Health Program.  It is the sub-contractors responsibility to perform the job in compliance with our companies safety standards.

As a Subcontractor signing with Okanagan Restoration Services Ltd., you are agreeing that your company, management staff, supervisory staff and workers will comply with our Safety and Health Program.  This is binding while you are on our job site.

Please read through this orientation package, go over it with all of your staff that would be working on our job sites and sign and return the acknowledgement form to me either by scanning both sides and emailing it to me, faxing it to my attention (250-542-5814) or return by mail to the address listed below.  As following this protocol is mandatory, failure to sign and return the acknowledgement form will result in your inability to work on Okanagan Restoration Services Ltd. job sites.

To access the necessary reading materials for the Orientation please go to www.okrestore.com/subcontractor and enter password ‘orssubcontractor’.  Please click on each link (Orientation, Safe Work Practices & Memos) and read &/or print off however many copies you require for your staff.  When you and all of your staff have completed the reading please click on the ‘contract’ button and print and sign the acknowledgement.  If you do not have access to a computer or the internet, please contact me and I will send a package out to you.

Please note that you, as a subcontractor, have unlimited access to these documents and can access them via this website at anytime.  Please check back to the website regularly for any updated information.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at any time.

Best Regards,

Barb Howe
Safety Officer
6236 Pleasant Valley Road
Vernon, BC  V1B 3R3




Our goal is to provide quality, professional service to our clients. As such, the expectations that are placed on our staff are also desired of our sub-contractors:


  • We endeavor to insure that the project runs both smoothly as well as in a timely fashion, with the least amount of impact to our Client as possible.
  • We believe that good contractor/client communication is very important and we will endeavor to advise you on the process of events, as well as any delays we may encounter in the process. We would like the same in return. Please keep Project Coordinator updated on progress and completion.


  • We ask that if at any time the client has questions or is dissatisfied for any reason that the Project Manager or Project Coordinator of ORS are notified immediately.
  • We require that personal hygiene is maintained, language is professional and clothing is clean and neat.


  • We expect utmost respect of our Clients, their homes, possessions and privacy (privacy act).
  • We will always ensure that safety is paramount on all jobs!


  • We expect all trades to work together. Any shortcomings are to be addressed directly with those involved – privately (not in front of the Client). Nobody benefits by putting others down since we are all in the same boat. Impressions stick – let’s make them good!
  • We keep our mess to a minimum and leave the site clean when we leave.


  • We are open to any suggestions that you may have to offer us as to how we may offer better service to our clients.




RE: All Subcontractors

As everyone knows, today's market is becoming increasingly more challenging. At Okanagan
Restoration Services (ORS), we are continuing to move forward and we envision the difficult
current market as an opportunity to establish ourselves and our subcontractors as the forerunners
in our industry.

We recognize all the effort that has been shown by all and thank all those who have gone the
extra mile in order to help us deliver top quality service to our clients. It is our intention to keep
this service at a professional level and we would like to encourage all of our subcontractors to
remember that we are a service industry and client perception is a very large part of our future
success. Word of mouth can make or break a company.

To that end, we encourage all to remember that our projects involve people whose daily
lives/routines have been disrupted and our actions, demeanor, language, etc, have a much
greater impact on people than they would in different circumstances. All of us must be
extremely professional, in appearance and in action. The quality of work must remain at a high
standard even with the most difficult of clients.

To this point, our standard has been at a high level and we call on everyone to help maintain the
professionalism that should exemplify everything that we do.

If you have noticed any shortcomings on our side, or if you have any ideas/input that would
help us all move forward, please let us know!

Thank you for working with ORS and we look forward to many productive years together!



Terry Moorhouse
General Manager I Owner
Okanagan Restoration Services Ltd.




April 9, 2011

Attn: All Roofers & Sub-Trades Working on Roofs

Effective immediately when working for Okanagan Restoration Services Ltd. Fall Protection is
required on all pitched roofs, regardless of height. When working on a flat roof it is required
that all WorkSafeBC Rules and Regulations are followed. These rules include the use of safety
barriers, fall restraints, height restrictions and spotters.

Inspection of all harnesses (buckles, webbing, d-ring, manufacturers label), fall protection gear
(ropes, carabiners, anchors) is mandatory before each use. Ensure that all equipment passes
inspection, meets CSA requirements and is acceptable to WSBC. A copy of the inspection
must be on site.

Temporary Inspections work may not require Fall Protection unless outlined by WSBC rules.
These inspections may be required in order for work to proceed safely.

Our goal is an exemplary safety record, and we take pride in exceeding WSBC expectations.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this please speak to our Safety Officer Barb
Howe, bhowe@okrestore.com/250-308-4330 or contact the Project Manager or
Coordinator of the job you are working on.

Thank-you for your cooperation.


Terry Moorhouse
General Manager/Owner
Okanagan Restoration Services Ltd.