Break and Enter / Vandalism Repair Services

Local, certified tradesmen and experts to restore damage done to your property by crime and vandalism.

You've just gone through the traumatic event of having your home, business or commercial property broken into or vandalized. We pride ourselves in being as empathetic as possible to your situation. You feel as though your privacy has been invaded, and want as quickly as possible for your place to return to the way it was.

Break-ins and vandalism of all kinds are two of Okanagan Restoration Services' many focus areas.

From small residential break-and-enters with limited property damage to large scale commercial vandalism, we're ready to bring our team in and immediately respond to your every need.

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B&E/Vandalism Do's and Don'ts

Vandalism often involves spray paint on walls, defacement of furnishings, or spreading noxious substances. It is one of the most difficult forms of damage to restore. Prompt action can often minimize the effect of vandalism or make restoration more successful.


  • hose down or wash egg damage from building exteriors as soon as possible
  • vacuum glass particles from the carpet and upholstery
  • save containers and spray cans which can reveal the composition of inks and pigments
  • save all wood chips and fragments from furniture, porcelain or art objects


  • attempt to remove ink, paint or cosmetic stains; they can be permanently set if not handled properly

"Attn: Kyle Goulet Project Manager Okanagan Restoration Good Morning Kyle, I am a retired Principal in School District #83 North Okanagan - Shuswap. Carl Cooper, the Principal of South Broadview, was away this week and District management asked me to look after the school in Carl's absence. Over the course of the week I have had the opportunity to watch Chad, Heather and their assembled teams work on remediating the damage caused by the recent fire. I'd like to pass my first hand observations on to you. The entire team's observable work ethic and attention to detail is impressive. Over the course of the week I have watched them meticulously clean everything from ceiling t bars and rafters, to miles of electrical and telecommunication cables, to brick walls, staplers and bulletin boards. Nothing appears to escape their attention. Every edge, nook and cranny gets a cleaning and every member of the team appears to be working hard. I am confident that by the conclusion of this restoration they will have thoroughly cleaned every observable and non observable surface in the rooms and halls effected by the recent fire. Equally impressive is the apparent pride each of the crew members take in their work and the friendly, thoughtful manner with which they interact with me, their fellow team memebers, and other contractors working in the building. South Broadview students, parents and staff will be the beneficiaries of their hard work, attention to detail and dedication. I am very hopeful the restoration of the school will be on time and budget. I know the entire school community will be grateful to have the school restored in a competent and timely manner. Please feel free to pass on my comments and gratitude to your team. Respectfully Steve Atkins cc Carl Cooper, Principal Glenn Borthistle, Superintendent of Schools Wendy Woodhurst, Director of Instruction Steve Bennett, Manager of Facilities Bev Snow, Building Services Manager "

Steven Atkins - South Broadview Elementary - School District 83
Salmon Arm, BC

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